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hey how'd you get these photos, were you actually there? the Hermana for the event is my aunt(lady in green saya) , it would have been cool if i was in one of the pictures, :). God Bless you


The Last Supper ceremony is very interesting. Interesting how they are wearing respective sashes.


A fine series showing the fine "dress up" occasion. I too like the formal looking straight down the table picture. The last one is interesting in see that this guy's neighbor is observing his superior variety of food! :-)


I was never aware of this tradition. I visited about two blogs now that have food for posts! I am getting hungry. hehe


The photo with the name card of Jesus : special !!
The plastic water bottles surprise me.


Ewan ko ba kung bakit bigla akong natawa sa title nung bigla kong nakita yung pics nung mga babae...


I wish I could go to Cordero so I could eat their dishes too. :) hehehe! Nice Barong and Saya. :)


Great pics - I do love this series. Like you said: You seem to have as much "fiestas" as we have in Norway:-)


Ils ont toujours un très grand sens de la théâtralité, c'est assez remarquable.

They always put much effort into the outfits, costumes, colours, scenery and so on, like at the theater. Remarkable.


What a lovely and colourful pictures you took Sidney!


The food looks great! This is Filipino fiesta at its best. Good for you to be able to experience this Sydney! :)


An up market last supper, like I said before. Love the two girls in the first picture, really two good looking young women.


in every festival, it's always the banquet that i'm looking forward to. these captures of the last supper are very nice.


Nice shots from the supper & it was nice to know everyone enjoyed the festivities so much without any distinction.


Nice shots from the supper & it was nice to know everyone enjoyed the festivities so much without any distinction.


"raw faith and charming customs"

sidney, you've said this beautifully. and maybe you've just revealed the secret of happiness.....

still loving your blog. thank you!


an event to remember. the last supper.


i enjoy looking at the "saya" - philippine costume. they look like dainty butterflies ..


Ces :
There were a lot of people involved in the festivities of the Cordero. There were so many people who came to the house of the Cordero to eat and drink. Not only the rich and the prominent people. I guess everybody was welcome. The whole town was involved. It was Filipino hospitability at its best. It is a feast and as such everybody took on its best clothes. I guess you do the same when you go to a party.
The Hermano and Hermana are chosen among the Overseas Filipino Wokers because they are the ones who are financially able to organize the Cordero. It costs a lot of money and when you think about it they could have spend their money on other more selfish things.
The Cordero is a wonderful and a unique tradition and I hope they manage to keep this custom alive.

Holy Week in the Philippines is unique. It is my third year that I try to document the variety of beliefs and practices that occur during Lent. What I see is raw faith and charming customs. I am not a religious person but I respect people who have faith.

Dave: yes, Judas is eating with the others. I don't know how they choose him but you are probably right.


the third shot is awesome ... others are good too, but I love the third shot.


the third shot is awesome ... others are good too, but I love the third shot.

Photo cache

I am so glad that the tradition continues to live on in a big way in some part of the country. My province has a low-profile way of commemorating/celebrating the holy week; one that i always, always remember fondly and one that I desperately wanted to experience again. This holy week posts are awesome.


How come they never mentioned place settings and table manners in the New Testament? :-) Do you think this would have been more meaningful if they took off their costumes, donned regular clothes and feasted with the whole town rather than have this fancy-schmancy set up among the donors in the name of Jesus Christ? Ces! control yourself!!!


I see Judas is still eating, hehe. Is it really that the youngest among the apostles would play Judas? My parish in Naga also had a young Judas.

reza khalili

i love these faces .so lovely

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